Blue Wave Election Watch Party 2020!

Election 2020 is drawing record voter turnout: proof of how passionately partisan and dangerously divisive our country has become under the Trump administration with a Senate majority that supports even his worst positions without hesitation. Election 2020 is thus crucial in determining the future of our country and whether we are ‘great’ or not–great for all people this country, and great as a country in the global community. As a progressive, I think we’re regressing and in danger of much more regression in a second Trump term with a stacked Supreme Country.

The importance of November 3 cannot be understated. We may not even have final answers on the presidential or some congressional elections tonight, but if not it will still provide a strong signal as to how things are likely to end up officially.

I look forward to sharing our excitement and calming our anxieties together–online, because Covid is real (237,000 US fatalities and rising by ~1000/day now). Please join us any time you can drop in, and stay for as long as you like. We’ll leave the Zoom session open all evening. Please wear a blue shirt!

What: An online election party/open house for those who want to celebrate, discuss, share, etc. during the 2020 elections for President, Congress, and more!

When: 7PM CST, November 3 until ?

Where: Zoom link for BLUE supporters:

Suggested attire of the night: please wear a blue shirt for a cool (Zoom) party photo!

Suggested ocktail of the night: Blue Wave (or whiskey or wine, of course)