Booze on Your Own Balconies (BYOB)!

We’re all self-isolating (right?) to halt the spread of COVID-19, and the bars, restaurants, and cafes are all closed to help us protect ourselves. However, we also still need social interaction and  to feel ‘together.’ Online tools are can help us work and learn from home, but sometimes you need to see real faces and share drinks, music, and laughs. So, we have a solution! BOYB: Booze on Your Balconies! We encourage everyone in any building to celebrate with us!

When: 5PM Thursday, March 26

Where: your own condo/apartment balconies

Why: because we are social, we are fun, and we were going to have a beer anyway…

Drinks: whatever you have in your condo/apartment, you can drink on your balconies!

Music: we will have an internet radio station set up so everyone can listen to the same party track at the same time! Stay tuned for details. 😉

Note: please do not participate from your balcony if you’re coughing or experiencing any symptoms, just to protect your community.