I am a father to one awesome girl and a friend to many wonderful people, a technology strategist, a community contributor, and a Thor-wannabe. 2020-21 have been weird to say the least, but 2022 is going to be wonderful! I have big things on deck professionally for Dell Technologies, the Austin Forum on Technology & Society, the Austin Smart Cities Alliance, and a new Austin AI Ecosystem Initiative.

Frustrated by COVID-19 and its terrible impacts, I’ve been reworking some of my professional activities to contribute solutions, support, and education/information. I’m finally restarting a few creative projects (more soon), ramping up both workouts and volunteer work, and reducing my consumption of everything (except whiskey). Most importantly and urgently, I’m spending time with my daughter before she heads to VCU in the fall (we hope!), and supporting my friends and family as we all adapt to the new normal.

My long-form professional bio is on the Vizias site and my Dell-specific bio is here, and of course, my LinkedIn profile serves as an updated professional ‘status.’ I also share my goings-on pretty freely on social media…







And some other bio-ish links here