“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” — Mark Twain

On June 12, we will return with an in-person Whiskey Tasting event! The theme will be Texas whiskeys (of any type, but only if distilled in Texas), and being vaccinated will be required to attend.

The 23 previous whiskey (and “alt-whiskey”) tastings:

  1. 11/19/20 – Special online whiskey tasting for the Dell Technologies HPC Community, sponsored by Intel!
  2. 2/15/20 – Rye Rising: back to our American whiskey roots!
  3. 9/7/19 – special edition: Tastes of Americana! American whiskey and Americana live music with two bands!
  4. 5/25/19 – 20th edition of the whiskey tasting series: this special event, hosted at the new 4-story home of Amber Allen, celebrated Scotch, bourbon, Japanese, and many other whiskeys, floor by floor.
  5. 5/25/19 – Rye whiskey: over 20 beautiful rye whiskeys were tasted, with Robin Johnston hosting a great night of rye-influenced revelry.
  6. 11/10/18 – almost 20 wonderful whiskies of Japan, hosted by Thomas Giamboi and Rochelle Rae and with some Japanese whisky education from Steve White of Seven Grand and Philipp Detscher of Austin Wine Merchant.
  7. 8/11/18 – Bourbon whiskey: tremendous selection of bourbon whiskey, generously hosted by the amazing Amber Allen
  8. 5/19/18 – Irish whiskey: graciously hosted by the Irish Consul General for Austin, Adrian Farrell, with tips on whiskey-tasting from Level-3 Whiskey Sommelier Anthony Dina!
  9. 2/3/18 – Scotch whisky: perhaps best, most comprehensive whisky selection so far!
  10. 7/1/17 – Gin: leftovers have provided the base for many poolside drinks…
  11. 2/4/17 – Texas whiskeys: we still have a ways to go, but Balcones Single Malt #1…
  12. 11/5/16 – Tequila: delicioso!
  13. 8/13/16 – Japanese whiskey: everyone was amazed
  14. 5/28/16 – Scotch whisky: pretty good selection, and non-whiskey drinkers were impressed
  15. 3/26/26 – Bourbon whiskey: U-S-A!
  16. 10/24/15 – Absinthe: this was also a mistake…
  17. 8/22/15 – Texas whiskeys: hey, we’re tryin’!
  18. 7/18/15 – Irish whiskey: sweet sweet whiskeys…
  19. 5/30/15 – Moonshines & corn whiskey: This was our first mistake.
  20. 4/18/15 – Rum: surprise! there are many great rums!
  21. 10/8/14 – Tequila: many people learned that there are actually good tequilas
  22. 5/22/14 – Bourbon whiskey: Jay’s favorite’s class of whiskey
  23. 4/22/14 – Rye whiskey: love the spicy whiskeys… we need to do this again