Celebrating Texas Whiskeys (and Being Together Again)!

UPDATE 6/3/21: The first five Texas whiskeys are posted below!

Welcome back, my wonderful friends and whiskey fans! It’s been a long time since we’ve shared spirits together–16 months ago–but we’re coming back, vaccinated, and ready to resume our exploration of the waters of life! The return of the whiskey tasting series is on June 12, and I can barely wait to share spirits with you!

This time, we will celebrate with Texas whiskeys–of all types! It’s been a very long time since we did that, and there are many new, and better, Texas whiskeys, including some local distilleries that are really exciting! I’ve sampled a lot during the pandemic and even been on a private distillery tour at Still Austin, and I’ll keep doing ‘research’ up until June 12. (If you want to explore some safe distillery tours before then, let me know…)

IMPORTANT: I miss sharing whiskey with you, but NOBODY is allowed to attend who has not completed their COVID-19 vaccination at least two weeks prior. Please get your vaccination!

Whiskey tasting events are open to my friends and their friends, but knowing approximate attendance will help me provide the best tasting experience. So, please RSVP (see below).

When & Where

Time & Date: 8PM on Saturday, June 12, 2021.
Location: Chez Boisseau (Unit 3005) @ 360 Condominiums (main entrance on 3rd St. near Nueces St.). The concierge at the front desk will give you an elevator code to reach the 30th floor.


Let me know if you will attend by commenting below (with # attending) so that we can plan appropriately. (Note: comments won’t appear immediately on the page until I get a chance to approve them since bots have discovered my site… but I’ll be quick.)


All Texas whiskeys (any type) are welcome this time. List is provided below.

Whiskey Tasting Events “Rules”

The “rules” have been established and refined over 22 previous whiskey (and “alt-whiskey”) events, for maximum whiskey enjoyment.

  • Several different whiskeys will be provided that cover a range of taste profiles for comparison. I’ll post those below by June 1. As always, if you wish to bring a bottle to expand our comparison set and share with friends, please do (not required!)–but if you do then you must take your bottle home with you to enjoy on your own later! (There will be labels and a list.) All whiskeys provided by the hosts and being shared by guests will be posted below as we learn about them (let me know in the comments).
  • You do not have to love whiskey (yet) to join us and have fun–just be willing to taste and learn a little. Some wine and beer wil also be provided, but feel free to bring anything you want if you’re not (yet) into whiskey but still want to join the fun.
  • There will be plenty of snacks (and probably Girl Scout cookies), but you should eat a full dinner beforehand if you’re serious about tasting many whiskeys.
  • Parking: Street parking in downtown is limited, but there are many nearby parking garages. However, because it’s a whiskey tasting and we often end up with 20ish whiskeys, we strongly recommend that you consider using a rideshare so you can really focus on the tasting. Nobody drives home intoxicated!

Whiskey list

The initial whiskey list is below. If you plan to bring something to share & compare, let me know and I’ll add to the list!


  1. Balconies Texas Pot Still Bourbon Whiskey – Jay Boisseau
  2. Ironroot Promothean Bourbon – Jay Boisseau
  3. Nine Banded Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Erik Summa & Janeane Tolomeo
  4. Rebecca Creek 10 Year Straight Bourbon – Shannon Smith & Jim Stroud
  5. Still Austin “The Musician” Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Jay Boisseau
  6. Sweetheart of the Rodeo Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Chris Jones
  7. Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Bourbon – Colin Vandergaw
  8. Whitmeyer’s Single Barrel Bourbon – Jon Green


  1. Milam & Greene Straight Rye Whiskey Finished in Port Casks – Jay Boisseau

Single Malts

  1. Andalusia Texas Single Malt – Jay Boisseau
  2. Pfluger Single Malt Whiskey – Andy Boisseau

Other Type of (Texas) Whiskey


Remember: All whiskey bottles brought by guests must be taken home to continue enjoying after the event! There will be labels for bottles.

28 thoughts on “Celebrating Texas Whiskeys (and Being Together Again)!

    1. After much deliberation I decided to try Whitmeyer’s Single Barrel. Looking forward to sharing it, hope it’s a good one!

    1. I picked up a bottle of
      “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” to share. It is a small batch straight bourbon made by the folks at Kooper Family Whiskey in Fayetteville County. It doesn’t get any more “Texas” than a whiskey with “Rodeo” in the name.

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