Scotch Whisky Tasting: All Clans Welcome!

UPDATED: Final Scotch whisky list and RSVP list are below

Whiskey Tasting is Back!

The wait is almost over. It’s been too many months since the last whiskey tasting, but I think we’ve all earned one for surviving 2017. So, we’ll celebrate a great 2018 with another whiskey tasting, and we’ll return to the grandfather of all whiskey… or rather whisky, since we’re talking about Scotch whisky this time. We’ll learn the basics, and we’ll sample the different kinds.whisky-region-maps

When & Where

When: 8PM Saturday February 3rd
Where: Chateau Boisseau Hoose Stewart (renamed for one night only)
(360 Condominiums, Unit 3005)
How to get in: go to the 3rd St entrance (near Nueces St, just past Trifecta), and say to concierge, in a thick Scottish accent, one of these things:

  • “Ah am haur fur th’ watter o’ life” (or “We ur haur fur th’ water ay life.”)
  • “Time and tide for nae man bide”
  • “Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time deid”
  • “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!”
  • We ur haur fur Jay’s Scotch tastin’ ceilidh. main we hae th’ elevatur code fur 30th fluir? thenk ye!”

(or anything to that effect, which you can translate into Scottish here).


  • As usual, I will provide several bottles to cover a range of types for comparison. I’ll post the types below as I accumulate more.
  • If you wish to bring a bottle to expand our comparison set and share with others, please do (not required!)–but if you do then you must take it home with you. I don’t do this to collect your bottles, and my bar is FULL.
  • You do not have to love Scotch (yet) to attend–just be willing to taste and learn a little. I’ll provide some wine and beer, but non-whiskey options are limited at Chateau Boisseau Hoose Stewart. As usual, feel free to bring your favorite beer/wine if you’re not really into Scotch.
  • As always, there will be some food–maybe even haggis–but you should eat a full dinner first if you’re serious about tasting and learning.
  • Parking is available on the streets (metered) and in the building’s parking garage (pay) and the adjacent State parking garage. However, I recommend Lyft/Fasten/RideAustin so you can really focus on the tasting. Nobody drives intoxicated–I’ll get you a ride or a pillow need be!


If you are coming, you must RSVP by commenting below (with #) so I can give a list to the concierge, plan appropriately, etc. If you decide to bring a bottle, please also share it in the comments below so people know what not to bring. If you’re part Scottish, like me, let us know which clan!

Scots Not Scots
Andy Boisseau of Clan STEWART Alicia & Bruce Bogart +3
Jay Boisseau of Clan STEWART Barbary Brunner
Chelsea Erin McCullough Collier of Clan MACCULOUGH Christopher Calicott & Lauren Ferrier
Rob Dickman of Clan DICKMAN Jared Carl
John Harrison of Clan LAMONT & STEWART German & Diana Florez-Larrahondo
Sherri Harrison of Clan STEWART Sherri Greenberg & Cary Ferchill
Mike Reed of Clans DOUGLAS, SCOTT Robin Johnston & Hamilton Rial
Melissa Elliott Skidmore of Clan ELLIOT Nathaniel Mendoza
Pete Nalda
 Scots by marriage or claim Marcia & Paul Navratil
 Scott Collier by marriage Frank Roan & Margaret Penrod
Jeremy & Catherine Drzal of House Catherine (very GoT) Shannon Smith & Blake Hennington
Houli by marriage Judy Tierney

Scotch whiskey list

  1. Ardbeg 12, Islay – Sherri Greenberg & Cary Fernchill
  2. Auchentoshan 12, Lowlands – Jay Boisseau
  3. Balvenie, Speyside – Chelsea Erin McCullough Collier
  4. Bowmore 15, Islay – Jay Boisseau
  5. Bruichladdich, Islay – Jay Boisseau
  6. Bunnahabhain, Islay – Barbary Brunner
  7. Dalwhinnie 15, Highland – Jay Boisseau
  8. Glenlivet 12, Speyside – Paul Navrátil
  9. Glenrothes 18, Speyside – Jay Boisseau
  10. Haig Club (single grain) – Andy Boisseau
  11. Highland Park 18, Islands (Orkney) – Jay Boisseau
  12. Lagavulin 16– Paul Navrátil
  13. Lagavulin Double Matured 16 – Paul Navrátil
  14. Maltman 21, Speyside – Jay Boisseau
  15. Monkey Shoulder (blended grain whiskey) – Christopher Calicott
  16. Port Charlotte, Islay – Alicia & Bruce Bogart
  17. Scapa, Islands (Orkney) – Melissa Skidmore
  18. Springbank Green 13, Campbeltown – Jay Boisseau

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