Back to Bourbon, Baby!

We’re getting back in the swing of things, just in time for summer! This party will reflect a return to summer socializing–and we’re going to celebrate by bringing the tasting series back to bourbon, baby! Bourbons are my favorite whiskeys, and I know I’m not alone. We’re also going to celebrate the return to summer socializing with three bonuses for this tasting event: 1) summer bourbon cocktails, 2) pizzas cooked in an outdoor stone oven, and 3) a pool! (No drunk drowning, by request of the hosts.)

IMPORTANT: While we are all looking forward to socializing more, we should all be careful not to put anyone at risk. Please do not attend if you are not feeling well, and I would greatly appreciate it if you take a rapid Covid test before attending if you can, vaxed or not.

Our whiskey (and other spirits) tasting events are open to friends and their friends, but knowing approximate attendance will help me provide the best tasting experience. So, please RSVP below.

When & Where

Time & Date: 6PM on Saturday, July 16, 2022. Note the early start time–but pizza will be provided!
Location: The home of Suzette & Cole Hendrick in River Place. The address will not be posted but will be shared with all RSVPs.


Let me know if you will attend by commenting below (with # attending) so that we can plan appropriately, i.e. provide enough pizza! (Note: comments from first-time RSVPers won’t appear immediately on the page until I get a chance to approve them since bots have discovered my site… but I’ll be quick.) If you can’t figure out how to RSVP…


For this event, we are going to revisit bourbons, the great American whiskey spirits that have boomed in popularity in recent years. I will bring several excellent bourbons, and as always guests are encouraged to add to the tasting palette by bringing something–as long as they take it home with them! (No spirits left behind!). If you decide to bring something, share it in the comments so I can update the tasting list for everyone to see as the event approaches.

Tasting Events “Rules”

The “rules” have been established and refined over 25 previous whiskey (and “alt-whiskey”) events, for maximum enjoyment.

  • Several different bourbons will be provided that cover a range of taste profiles for comparison. As always, if you wish to bring a bottle to expand our comparison set and share with friends, please do (not required!)–but if you do then you must take your bottle home with you to enjoy on your own later! (There will be labels and a list.)
  • All bourbons provided by the hosts and being shared by guests will be posted below as we learn about them (let me know in the comments).
  • You do not have to love bourbon (yet) to join us and have fun–just be willing to taste and learn a little. Some wine and beer will also be provided, but feel free to bring anything you want if you’re not (yet) into bourbon but still want to join the fun.
  • There will be plenty of snacks but you should eat a full dinner beforehand if you’re serious about tasting many bourbons and this time, there will be fresh hot pizzas for everyone!
  • Parking: There is some street parking in the neighborhood. However, because it’s a spirits tasting event and we often end up with 20ish spirits (along with limited parking), we strongly recommend that you carpool and appoint a designated driver or use a rideshare so you can really focus on the tasting. Nobody drives home intoxicated!

Bourbon list

The initial list will be posted by July 2. It will updated it as I learn of other contributions to the tasting via the RSVP comments.

Remember: All bottles brought by guests must be taken home to continue enjoying after the event! We do not do this to collect spirits, only to taste lots of things, share, and have fun!

9 thoughts on “Back to Bourbon, Baby!

  1. We’re obviously in and planning to have Joseph Magnus, Pinhook and a bourbon blackberry smash cocktail

  2. sounds dreamy.janeane and erik are in – not sure what we’re bringing yet but will report back !

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