Monday Nightcaps

Mondays can be rough re-entry into fast-paced work weeks. So, what better way to ensure the week starts with perspective, positivity, and low blood pressure than to close Monday evening with classy digestifs (or calming tea) and casual conversation? (That is rhetorical: there is no better way.)

What: Nightcaps with friends

Why: Because it’s Monday, because we’re friends, and because we can & should!

When: Some Monday nights for an hour(ish) and a drink(ish) – Next is Monday, January 2, 9pm

Where: 360 Condos Clubroom

How: Show up with your favorite nightcap/bottle. All the rest is taken care of: glassware, snacks, music, and very sexy ice balls.

Conversation & context: Casual and fun, with no stressful discussion–put the issues behind you for the day and enjoy friends!

Attire: Smoking jackets, silk pajamas and velvet robes, evening gowns and caftans, and velvet slippers are welcome of course, but anything comfortable is fine.

Music: Classic or cool lounge.

Do you have to ask?

  • No children–not even if they drink.
  • No cell phone conversations–it’s about the people who are present.
  • No take-out meals–eat dinner before nightcaps like a civilized person (and we’ll have snacks). Digestif is French for after dinner. (Not really, but it does refer to a drink or food consumed to aid digestion.)
  • Vodka is not a digestif and lacks soul, but is allowed.

Host: Jay Boisseau–text me with any questions.