SXSW has become my favorite event of the year, and for 2020 was involved in many activities, presentations and panels, etc. However, with it being canceled due to COVID-19, I am looking forward to SXSW 2021–in whatever form it takes–and have already started planning some things.




I am involved in submissions, event plans, and more through Dell, Austin CityUP, and Vizias. First priority is getting three official conference submissions accepted, so please help me by voting for these. If you vote for my panels, please let me know and I’ll make sure you get on a list for a special event during SXSW 2020!

  1. Accelerated Introduction to AI/Machine Learning (AI workshop)
  2. AI: Boost or Bane for a Fairer Society (AI presentation)
  3. Using Tech, Data & Analytics to Make Cities Better (smart cities meetup)

Voting is easy (less than 2 minutes):

  1. Create account: go to and fill out the form and click “Create My Account.”
  2. Confirm account: co to your email to “confirm my account” and then re-enter your email and password.
  3. Vote for panels: click directly on the links for submissions (or search using the Search/Vote menu). For each one, click the VOTE UP icon on left-hand side (and consider also leaving a comment—it adds more weight to your vote). The icon should turn yellow…and you’re done! If you’ll take an extra 30 seconds to provide a comment as well as a vote, it’ll help even more!

If you have time, please also vote for the rest of the submissions from the Vizias team,

  1. AI is Dumber Than You Think, But It’ll Get Better (AI presentation)
  2. Smart Cities: US vs UK. Who’s Winning (smart cities panel)

and the submissions from the Austin CityUP members and colleagues.