Back to the Movies!

My brother Andy and I love movies: watching them, talking about them, having friends over to watch them, and of course going to theaters and festivals to see them how they were intended by the filmmakers. However, we haven’t been able to do that safely for over a year. We’ve held outdoor showings with a projector and a big screen, which has been wonderful, but we’ve been eagerly anticipating going back to the movies with our friends.

And now, thanks to vaccines and Violet Crown Cinema, it’s about to happen! Violet Crown is having “RSVP Cinema” until they can return to normal operations, and I’m renting a theater for a showing of Andy’s choice as a belated birthday present. Guests must still buy a ticket (see below) and and can choose to buy refreshments, which helps Violet Crown and their staff!

Andy has selected a beautiful film that should only be seen on a big screen: The Fall, of which Robert Ebert said “You might want to see [it] for no other reason than because it exists. There will never be another like it.” Check out the trailer here.

It is not available on streaming services and is difficult to find/buy, and should only be watched on a big screen anyway. So, this is your chance to watch a rarely seen, beautifully shot movie in a theater, safely, with friends, supporting Violet Crown and celebrating Andy’s birthday (belated)! And, of course, we’ll all go out for drinks at Trifecta later.

Here are the details:

When: Thursday, April 22, at 7pm. Please don’t be late.
Where: Violet Crown Cinema on 2nd Street downtown
Who: only friends who have been vaccinated for two weeks (sorry, no exceptions).
Why: Because we love theaters, and we want to enjoy them with you and support Violet Crown Cinema
Cost: I have rented the cinema and Andy is providing the movie, so it’s only $8 per attendee. I have emailed a link to purchase tickets to everyone who has RSVPed below in the comments; please do not share it.
Menu: Also, please consider buying something from their limited menu at the show to help them out.
RSVP (please): Please help me by RSVPing below if planning to attend, and then buy your tickets using the link I send. It really makes it easier for me to not have to remember texts, calls, emails, Slack messages, verbal intents, etc.

IMPORTANT: You must be vaccinated for two weeks by April 22 to attend. You must still wear a mask into and out of the cinema, but you will not need to wear one inside our private theater!

16 thoughts on “Back to the Movies!

  1. I accept your proposal, and as you know I am already fully vaccinated. The Fall is one of my top 5. Yea!

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