Tastes of Americana!

Our love affair with whiskey continues on Saturday, September 7 at 8PM, and once again we’re going to raise the bar. Host Jason Shepherd will provide his musical talents (and his home!) in this special Tastes of Americana event! Come enjoy American whiskeys and Americana music from Jason’s band Belldiver and from Scout Shannon & the Willing Deceivers!


Whiskey tasting events are open to all of our friends, but we have to cap the attendance for this social event to ensure the best tasting and listening experiences. So, you must RSVP for this one (see below).

When & Where

Time & Date: 8PM on Saturday, September 7, 2019. The bats have been flying directly over Jason & Meitra’s house at 8pm so don’t be late. We’ll have a special guest talk about all things whiskey at 8:15. Belldiver will go on around 8:30, followed by Scout Shannon & the Willing Deceivers around 10. (Yes, the remainder of the UT football game will be on a TV as well.)
Location: Jason and Meitra’s beautiful home with a view of downtown Austin over the infinity pool and through the trees. The house is in Travis Heights immediately south of downtown — the address will be provided by email upon RSVP (but not posted).


We hope to see you on September 7 at 8PM, but we require that you RSVP by commenting below (with # attending) so that we can plan appropriately and send you the address of Jason & Meitra’s house. (Note: comments won’t appear on the page until I get a chance to approve them since the number of bots out there is astounding… so be patient.)

Whiskey Tasting Events “Rules”

  • Several different whiskeys will be provided by the hosts that cover a range of taste profiles for comparison.  As always, if you wish to bring a bottle to expand our comparison set and share with others, please do (not required!)–but if you do then you must take your bottle home with you to enjoy on your own later! (There will be labels and a list.) Whiskey provided by the hosts and being shared by guests will be posted below as we learn about them (let us know)
  • You do not have to love whiskey (yet) to join us and have fun–just be willing to taste and learn a little. We’ll provide some wine and beer, but feel free to bring your favorite beer/wine if you’re not into whiskey but still want to join the fun.
  • There will be some snacks, but you should eat a full dinner beforehand if you’re serious about tasting many whiskeys.
  • Parking: Street parking in this south Austin neighborhood is very limited. For this reason and because it’s whiskey, we strongly recommend that you use a rideshare so you can really focus on the tasting. Nobody drives home intoxicated.

Whiskey list

The following American whiskeys (bourbons, ryes, and other variants) will be available for your educational purposes. The list will be updated throughout the week leading up to the event.

  1. A. D. Lewis Secale Straight Rye, Cask Strenth – Jay Boisseau
  2. Andalusia Single Malt Whiskey – Jeff & Jen
  3. Balcones Baby Blue – Frank
  4. Balcones Brimstone Texas Scrub Oak Smoked Whiskey – Jay Boisseau
  5. Balcones Texas Single Malt – Jay Boisseau
  6. Balcones Texas Bourbon – Jay Boisseau
  7. Barrel Bourbon – Thierry Pellegrino
  8. Ben Milan Whiskey – Liza & Jason
  9. Black Maple Hill Bourbon – Jay Boisseau
  10. Breckenridge – Royce
  11. Corsair Quinoa Whiskey – Jay Boisseau
  12. Hog’s 3 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon – Reid Wilson
  13. Jefferson Bourbon – James
  14. Novak Oat Whiskey – Jay Boisseau
  15. Michter’s Rye – Bill Magro
  16. Pfluger Single Malt – Lasaan Georgeson.
  17. Russel’s Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye – Jay Boisseau.
  18. Second Glance Barrel Select (CA) – Christopher Calicott.
  19. Sierra Norte Mexican Whiskey – Philipp Detscher
  20. Woodford Reserve – Grace Hsieh

Remember: all whiskey bottles brought by our guests must be taken home to continue enjoying after the event! There will be labels for bottles!

57 thoughts on “Tastes of Americana!

  1. Hi Jay – looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be drumming for both bands, so not sure if I count against the cap.

  2. #attending Kenton and Hope Bass! Thanks Jay for creating Another Fuckin Fantastic Whiskey Day win Austin! We should get a group to go to for whiskey haunts in Scotland !

  3. My +1 and I will be there. Way overdue for making one of these. If there’s room to bring a friend, let me know!

  4. Jay bay bay,

    Please except my reservation for a spot at your lovely sounding event. I’ll bring Sierra Norte and wear clothes this time.

  5. Excited about this. Will be there with two friends who have recently moved to Austin from Boston. We are not whiskey drinkers, but will come for the music.

  6. #0 Thanks for the invite, We’ll be at the UT vs LSU game during this time. Music and Whiskey is a brilliant combo, have a terrific time and keep me on the invite for the next Belldiver event.

  7. Have been on the fence… but it’s looking like this will be really fun, so we’re in. Kidding! Meitra and I look forward to hosting everyone together with you Jay!

    And don’t worry fellow Longhorn fans – the game will be on upstairs. I’ve already told Meitra it won’t hurt my feelings if she prioritizes that while we play. That said, the whiskey will be downstairs next to the band. 🙂

    See everyone tonight!

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